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Over on Emmerdale, Aaron Livesy makes his return at the worst possible moment for his old friend Adam Barton.Aaron (Danny Miller) comes out of hiding following a desperate phone call from troubled Adam, who asks whether he fancies a houseguest in France.Heading back home, Aaron decides to find out exactly what’s going on with Adam (Adam Thomas), but his arrival comes just as the out-of-control farmer has teamed up with Ross and Donna for a very dangerous job.As Donna and Ross have arranged to steal from a club while its dodgy owner Stephen is in court, Adam’s role in the plan is to keep watch outside the courthouse and alert his accomplices when the bad boy is on his way back.Feeling protected thanks to Adam’s watchful eye, Donna and Ross head off to the club both dressed in police uniforms, claiming that they have a warrant to search the premises.Unfortunately, Adam’s part in the job soon goes horribly wrong when he is interrupted by Aaron’s unexpected arrival. A desperate Adam tries to stop Aaron from interfering, but could it already be too late?

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